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Speed Training Program

Components of an Effective Speed Training Program

Whether you are an elite sportsperson or a fitness enthusiast, attaining higher speed is a dream worth chasing. Speed is a crucial attribute in specialized sport workouts and could make all the difference between winning and losing.


To conquer higher speed limits is a gradual process that demands patience and persistence. It is fair game to say that it is not for the faint-hearted. But that does not mean it is unattainable. With the right attitude and effective speed training program, running fast is a manageable feat.


An effective speed training program has the potential of changing the fortunes for the better. But how can you identify an effective speed training program? Here are the basic principles of the speed training program;


Emphasis on Strength

Attaining higher speed is closely correlated with the strength of an athlete. Speed is fueled by body muscles' ability to push limits beyond comfort levels. Muscles contraction rate and the sheer force it produces are critical in conditioning the body for higher speeds. To build strength, a speed training program needs to have an element of stamina development and strength testing drills.


Speed Technique

Attaining higher speed in specialized sport workouts takes a great deal of technique to condition the body. An effective speed training program conditions the metabolic system to achieve efficient somatic energy. The technique also saves an athlete from common injuries such as hamstring and Achilles tear.


Training Regime

Having all the strength and technique in the world without a training regime is a wrong approach to a speed training program. An effective speed training program entails various drills such as uphill running to improve flexion and downhill sprinting to increase the strides' frequency.

At Drills Factory, we offer the best speed training program and specialized sports workout to help you attain fitness and better sprint times.

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